Legacy Pharmaceutical Facilities

    Industrial / Manufacturing / Pharmaceutical
  • State Road #909, Km. 1.1
    Marina Ward
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Property Details Property Number: #360

Location: Humacao

State Road #909, Km. 1.1
Marina Ward


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The property consists of approximately 379,855 square feet with a clear ceiling height of 40' in the warehouse area, and approximately 21,000 square feet of office area. The property contains ample parking and loading docks within the premises consisting of approximately 19 acres of land.



  • Access control
  • Survaillence Cameras
  • Private Guard
  • Private parking areas
  • Fire sprinkler system


  • Independent electricity meter
  • Independent water meter


  • Elevator
  • Cistern Water Tank
  • Loading dock
  • Industrial Shelves
  • Sprinkler System
  • Cargo Elevators
  • Electric Substation
  • 100% backup power generator
  • High Efficiency Space
  • Full HVAC system
  • Potable Water Tank

Location Description:

Legacy Pharmaceutical Facilities are located just west of the PR-3 and PR-53 intersection and south of the Humacao urban town core. Main access to this industrial complex is by way PR-909 which in turn is access by way of the Desvio Cruz Ortiz Stella, just north of the subject.

Asking Price

Sale Price:$6,500,000.00


Date:May 3, 2010


Construction Area:385,768 square feet
Land Area:19 "acres"


Light Industrial (I-1)

The Neighborhood:

The immediate neighborhood is of a heterogeneous character, blending a combination of uses including industrial, commercial, residential and institutional. The combination of uses within the immediate neighborhood includes: Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Microsoft, Cardinal Health, Recoms Laboratories, Bellas Artes de Humacao, Colorcon PR, Model Offset Printing, ERSPLAS Inc. and La Villa Universitaria residential subdivisions and communities.

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